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Apr 1, 2020

The world has been turned upside down, but life hasn't changed much.
In fact I am surprised how comfortable I am with isolation.
Not to say, by any means, that I am somehow glad this has happened.
Each new day destabilises the world more than whole years past
Every hour sees a plethora of new cases and deaths
My heartfelt condolences to those suffering around the globe.
Yet life still hasn't changed much, at least not yet, for which I'm grateful.
I am too busy and under too much pressure to be bored.
The clock doesn't stop ticking, the sun doesn't stop its daily course.
Some minor inconveniences, cancelled flights and that sort of things,
But these are unachieved imaginaries rather than felt realities.
As society grinds to a halt, the more stable my introspection becomes.
But life will change, just as the climate continues to change.
Each day feels the same now, but the tipping point will come.
And one day I will wake up to find my own world turned upside down.