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Feb 14, 2020

Boston 1/2
05:53 Boarded the Dinky to Junction.
06:15 The train to New York was nearly on time. Commuters filled the platform even at this early hour.
07:09 NY Penn station. A little less than an hour before switching trains. Veg baguette at Pret.
08:00 Boarded the Amtrak to Boston South Stn. Estimated travel time just under 4 hours. I opened Rummel's book on humanism and scholasticism with the intention of finishing it by arrival. More important details than I could hope to retain by memory alone, so I pulled out my laptop and wrote notes as I read. Of course, this slowed me down and I was averaging under 30 pages per hour. Got distracted along the way by the beautiful morning coastline, I had to put the book down. Still managed to get more than halfway through.
11:50 Arrived in Boston. No chance to see to see the city, we headed straight down to the metro and took the train to Cambridge.
12:10 Harvard station. This was a proper town that reminded me a little of the stretch between Magdalene College and St John's in Cambridge UK but without the cobblestone streets and gothic architecture. Headed down to a local sandwich shop for a quick lunch, where I ordered two pizza slices due to the lack of vegetarian options. Probably the saltiest pizza I've had in awhile.
13:30 Conference
19:30 End of first day. Great papers. No questions asked. Dinner at the organiser's house with catering from a local restaurant. Had some good conversations and learnt a great deal.
21:30 Headed to my accommodation for the night, which was farther away than I'd thought.
23:00 Lights out