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Feb 15, 2020

Boston 2/2
08:45 Cut through the main quad to reach the venue. Somehow the scarlet brick walls seemed colder and less welcoming than the grim limestone I'm used to seeing. I'm feeling homesick but still have a full day ahead.
09:00 Back to business. More great panels, I'm learning a lot. Even raised my hand a few times to ask some questions, though I'm not sure they helped the presenters much.
15:00 End of conference. Headed back to south stn to board the train.
16:25 Departure. The sun quickly makes its descent, spilling streaks of paint across the horizon and taking the light out of the sky with it.
20:45 New York again. I'm almost done with my second book, a survey of humanism in the Italian renaissance based on secondary sources. Good overview but not much else to say. Switch trains at Penn.
22:07 PJT. Back on the dinky
22:20 Home again

This was my first time in Boston. I never got to see it, regrettably. But I hope to get the chance to explore the city on my next visit—there are some manuscripts in the harvard library I've been meaning to look at.