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Mar 11, 2019

This is my first blog posting.

I had an early start to the week today, with a 9:00A.M. seminar (Introduction to the Historiography of Science) that ran till noon. After a couple hours spent reading, I attended the History of Science programme seminar at 3:00P.M. Attending two seminars on the same day makes time go by quickly, but it also detracts six hours that could have been spent reading or writing. I have no complaints, however. I only wish I were better prepared so that I could engage in the discussion more.
When I came home, Jane surprised me with this wonderful gift: a blog built directly into my website with which I can create, read, update or delete my own blog postings. She must have laboured intensively for the whole day to design this website. It really is something I wanted for a long time. These 'daily perchings of mind' are a way for me to reflect back on each day and to keep a record of the thoughts, events and emotions I had.
Thank you Jane for this marvellous gift!